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Posts Tagged ‘iron condor adjustment’

The ‘Win-Win-Win’ Option Spread Adjustment

If you’re new here, be sure to watch our FREE IRON CONDOR ADJUSTMENTS VIDEO by clicking here. Thanks for visiting!Win-Win Spread Adjustments Last week in our paper trading options lab we had an iron condor position on where we were able to use an adjustment technique that we haven’t seen anyone use or talk about [...]

Adjusting Iron Condors – Ouch!?

Funny video on the trouble one can get into without knowing how to properly adjust iron condors…

Iron Condor Adjustments – Can I Have My Life Back Please?

When I first began trading the Iron Condor, my game plan was to leave the trade on all the way to the bitter end. After I placed the trade, I would just leave it be until expiration day where the options would expire worthless and disappear into option heaven. I just assumed this was the [...]