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Iron Condor Adjustments

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 Option Income Strategy

The iron condor has two faces.

Usually, when a new option trader is first introduced to this strategy, it appears to be an amazing and almost magical trade. A trade that puts the odds unfairly in the TRADERS favor, that requires just five to ten minutes per month to manage, and that practically GUARANTEES a consistent and steady return of somewhere in the area of ten percent a month.

And what usually happens is that the new option trader immediately goes ga-ga eyed – falling head over heels in love with the strategy. And who can blame them? They believe that they’ve just discovered the holy grail of trading. A strategy that’s too good to be true.

And that’s the problem.

It IS too good to be true.

Well – entirely true anyway.

You see, the iron condor CAN be an amazing trade. And it CAN be somewhat magical. And it CAN require a very short amount of time every month to manage. And it CAN generate some truly outstanding consistent monthly returns.

It CAN do and be ALL these things – IF and only IF – the one trading it knows what he or she is doing.

See what the majority of option traders ARE NOT told when they are first introduced to this options strategy – is that the iron condor has two faces.

The first is the one glorious face described above. It’s the face the strategy wears most often.

However, the other is downright scary. And fortunately, it doesn’t show itself too often – but when it does – it’s certainly a memorable experience – and if the trader who is facing it isn’t properly prepared – it has the power to completely wipe out and destroy all the profits that the ‘good side’ of this trading strategy can provide.

And then some.

See, the iron condor strategy is a high probability trade. There is a high probability that it will win month after month after month. But – in return – it comes with an absolutely terrible risk to reward ratio – and if this risk in the trade is not correctly managed – all of the gains that it generates over the majority of calm and normal months can be completely obliterated from the one or two volatile, wild, crazy ‘problem’ months that inevitably occur through out the course of a normal trading year.

So – the key to winning consistently with this strategy is to first understand that this options strategy does have a dark side that will inevitably rear it’s ugly head and try to destroy all the gains you’ve accumulated throughout the year. However, as long as you are equipped with the proper tools, tricks, and know-how to correctly fight off and manage these occassional crazy fits and tantrums (in other words, know how to properly make iron condor adjustments )- this options spread trade actually CAN live up to be all that it’s painted to be.

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